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At Different Bottom Line (DBL) we want to know what is at the centre of your being. What are the non-negotiables that you need to make your life? What is missing that prevents you from popping out of bed each morning?

Whether you are looking to dive into the details of your personal life, in your relationships or in your business, Different Bottom Line has a program that will get you into the minutia (the nitty gritty) and have you create and develop your unique tools and the ability to communicate it with others. We invite you to get out of your routine and question your status quo. What is available for you that you are not seeing? What could be possible if you got into the details of your life? Change happens in the details. Join us as we get into the pieces of your life, and create your Different Bottom Line.

About the founder

Pauline Caballero is a mother of two boys, wife and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Power Yoga Canada, has held numerous C-level positions in different domains and currently holds an executive position. Pauline is passionate in creating a difference in peoples lives, now not later.

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